frequently asked questions
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How do I make a Crusha milkshake? toggle
It’s like squash for milk! Simply add 1 part Crusha to 7 parts cold semi skimmed milk. No mixing or stirring required!
Are the flavours and colours used in Crusha natural? toggle
Yes, all Crusha milkshake mixes are NAFNAC (no artificial colours or flavours).
How much sugar is there in Crusha when made up as directed on pack per 100ml?  toggle
Our No Added Sugar varieties contain 4.2% sugars (4.1g per 100ml) when made up with semi skimmed milk and this comes only from the sugar that occurs naturally in milk. Our 1 litre wholesale packs contain less than 9% and some of this comes from the sugar that occurs naturally in milk. For more information on sugar and its role in your diet please visit
What sweeteners are used in Crusha? toggle
We use Sucarlose and Acesulfame K in our No Added Sugar variants. Our standard, which is only available in a 1 litre format, uses Sodium Saccharin in the Strawberry, Raspberry and Banana flavours. Our Chocolate 1 litre does not contain sweeteners.
Is Crusha suitable for vegetarians? toggle
Yes all of our Crusha flavours are suitable for vegetarians and if mixed with a dairy alternative also suitable for vegans.
Can Crusha be mixed with milk alternatives like soya or almond milk? toggle
Yes Crusha Milkshake Mix is delicious with non-dairy alternatives.
Is Crusha gluten free? toggle
Is Crusha Kosher? toggle
Does Crusha contain caffeine? toggle
There is a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine present in cocoa powder which is used in our Crusha Chocolate Milkshake Mix. Chocolate No Added Sugar is caffeine free
How should I store Crusha once opened? toggle
We recommend storing Crusha in the fridge to keep it as its best.
Where can I buy Crusha? toggle
Crusha Milkshake Mix is available to buy in most major supermarkets - see stockist information.
Can Crusha bottles be recycled? toggle
Yes, Crusha Milkshake Mix bottles can be recycled (please remove sleeve before recycling).